Pool Service

Sign up for weekly swimming pool cleaning services and save 5% on most pool or spa repairs.

With our regular pool cleaning services, you’ll always be able to take a refreshing and relaxing dip in your pool. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your service, we’ll return within 48 hours. Additionally, we always leave you a completed checklist of chemicals added and services performed. Please contact us at Pilot Pool Service, Inc., for more information about our regularly scheduled pool cleaning services.

Weekly Services Includes:

Water Chemistry Check

Add Necessary Chemicals

Refill Chlorine Dispensers

Vacuuming of Pool & Spa

Adjustment of Automatic Pool Cleaner

Empty & Clean Baskets

Brush Tile, Steps & Ladder

Check & Record System Pressure

Check Filter

Clean Filter

Recharge DE Filters

Clean & Lubricate Orings

Skim Water Surface

Monitor Water Level

Check for Problems
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