Leak Detection

Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair


In the west-central area of Florida, it is normal to lose an 1/8’’-1/4’’ of water in your pool each day due to evaporation.

**Remember, pump and filter leaks will result in drips, puddles, and spraying of water at pool equipment.
Water loss in the pool will fluctuate depending on environmental conditions such as the weather and your pools proximity to water (i.e., The gulf winds and/or open golf courses).

Design factors regarding your pool will also affect its water loss- the surface area, whether or not there are fountains, spa overflows, and such water features that expose the water to air. Heating the pool or covering it will also affect its evaporation rate.

Note: in Florida, the lack of humidity (dryer air) causes greater water loss- this is usually in our winter months NOT summer months. Also, more water loss is experienced when we have larger temperature differences between day and night.

Also, warm water and dry, cool air cause a lot of evaporation (i.e., using your spa on a cool night).

Pilot Pool Service, Inc.

The best way to find out if the pool is leaking is to do a 24-hour measurement of the pool’s water loss.

  • 1 Fill the pool to the normal level (halfway up the skimmer mouth). Refer to the diagram.
  • 2 Mark the level (next to skimmer) with a piece of duct tape.
  • 3 As close to 24 hours later as possible, measure (with a tape measure) the amount of water loss. Be sure to regard and report rainfall in your area. If you measure 18 hours or 25 hours or 29 hours later this is ok, just don’t go into a two day or more period. One of the reasons for the measurement is not only to confirm water loss but also to aid in referencing the size of the leak.
  • 4 You may run your pool pump as you normally would for this measurement.
Pilot Pool Service, Inc.

If you call for a leak repair, please have the following information on hand

  • 24-hour measurement
  • Gallons of Pool (A general gallonage calculation formula is Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5)
  • Is there an attached spa?
  • Location of previous leaks (i.e., light, skimmer, tile, return fitting, main drain)
  • Surface type (i.e., Vinyl, Marcite, Pebble-tech)
  • Is pool heated-if so, is it covered with a solar blanket?
  • Does the pool leak more with the pump on or off?

If you are unable to do an accurate 24-hour measurement, we are happy to do it for you.

Note- the day the service technician arrives to search for a leak, the pool must be clean and clear and filled back up to the normal level.

**Remember, the more accurate you can be with your measurement, the more cost-efficient we can be in locating your leak.