Pool Cleaning

Reliable Pool Cleaning Services

Sign up for weekly pool cleaning services and save 5% on most pool or spa repairs.

With our regular pool cleaning services, you will always be able to take a refreshing and relaxing dip in your pool. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your service, we will return within 48 hours. Additionally, we always leave you a completed checklist of chemicals added and services performed.

Please contact us at Pilot Pool Service, Inc. for more information about our regularly scheduled pool cleaning services.

Pilot Pool Service, Inc.

Pilot Pool Service, Inc.

  • Water Chemistry Check
  • Add Necessary Chemicals
  • Refill Chlorine Dispensers
  • Check/Add Salt If Necessary
  • Vacuuming of Pool & Spa
  • Adjustment of Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Empty & Clean Baskets
  • Brush Tile, Steps & Ladder
  • Check & Record System Pressure

Pilot Pool Service, Inc.

  • Check Filter
  • Clean Filter
  • Recharge DE Filters
  • Clean & Lubricate Orings
  • Skim Water Surface
  • Monitor Water Level
  • Check for Problems